YO Classic NS2 is now YO NS2+

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YO Classic NS2 is now YO NS2+

Post by Vlad » Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:35 pm

While a lot of features from NS2+ have been incoporated into the base game as of late, we've been seeing a lot of demand for the mod.

As such, we have decided to turn the server running on port 27015 into NS2+

Worry not though, the Classic server hasn't gone anywhere. Well, it has... it is now on port 27025! In essence, we have swapped the two servers around.

One server is going away though. We have turned off NS2 III (previously Skulks with Shotguns) as we were seeing issues with too many servers and too small a player base with people spread all around and games never really getting going.

As always, feedback is welcome. See this thread for more!