So we might actually get some decent mods...

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So we might actually get some decent mods...

Post by MrYiff » Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:47 pm

Assuming this is true and doesnt get removed: ... &Itemid=13
Our very own Hunterbrute recently acquired information a few days ago from a friend, which details whats in the new addoninfo.txt. Take a look.

addonContent_BackgroundMovie 0 //Provides a replacement for the background movie.
addonContent_Survivor 0 //Provides a new survivor model. 0=false, 1=true, String in quotes if replaces specific single character, i.e. "Francis"
addonContent_BossInfected 0 //Provides a new boss infected model. Break these out?
addonContent_CommonInfected 0 //Provides a new common infected model
addonContent_WeaponModel 0 //Provides a new appearance to existing weapons, but does not change their function
addonContent_weapon 0 //provides new weapons or new zombie killing functionality, i.e. guns, explosives, booby traps, hot tar,
addonContent_Skin 0 //0 if no new skin textures for existing models. 1 if multiple skin pack. String in quotes if specific single skin
addonContent_Spray 0 //Provides new sprays.
addonContent_Map 0 //Add-on provides a standalone map

New SI, guns and other stuff has the potential for extra goodies.

Also, the SDK is aparantly in closed testing now: ... &Itemid=13


So we may see them sometime before L4D3 hopefully! :roll:

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