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Server Donations

Post by princess » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:13 pm

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the YO server.

It does cost money and we pay for it using monthly subs paid by for each YO member. We really appreciate your help.

If you do decide to donate, please either send me a forum PM, steam message so that I can say thank you from all us YO members.

We've had a few donations from people who haven't provided their in-game nicknames so I don't know who to thank. If you want to stay anonymous that's fine but otherwise please do let me know because we all at YO want to say thanks. We may also get some in-game icons to say thank you, and we'll need your nick and Steamid to do this.

This is the donation thread: ... =22&t=7455 We will keep track of who has donated via this thread (details of how to donate via Paypal are also here, if you want to donate via bank transfer then please contact me directly via PM, IRC, email or Steam message).

Thanks again to all the donators! You help to keep YO going!

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