!admin on the NS2 Server

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!admin on the NS2 Server

Post by SMudgeh » Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:37 pm

This is currently not working due to chat in webadmin being broken since patch 236.

We now have the ability for you to call an admin from the server should you need to. Similar to the old style system, you just say in either team or all chat:

!admin <message>

We'll get the message in IRC and if someone is available they'll respond. Simples.

Include a message so we know what the issue is.

Due to the way it works there is currently a 5 minute interval between us receiving additional messages, for example:

11.30 !admin Hello SMudgeh
11.31 !admin We need help to kick Obraxis

We will only get the first of those messages. It's not ideal and we'll review it once we know how often it's being used etc.

There is no longer any delay between messages but please don't send us essays or write poetry. Unless it's really good.

Please fell free contact an admin on Steam or pop into #yo-clan on Quakenet IRC using this link.

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