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Server Rules

Post by Ah forget it » Wed Nov 15, 2006 6:09 pm

Server Code of Conduct:
Our clan servers are public servers so we welcome any players to come and play on them. However, there are some rules that we would like people to abide by to ensure a pleasant gaming environment for all.

It is the responsibility of everyone playing on our servers to read and comprehend them, and to abide by them when playing. Ignorance of these rules will not be an acceptable excuse in the event that you are caught breaking any of them.
  • Be friendly and pleasant to all players on the server, regardless of their skill. This means no "n00b bashing" or other attempted displays of so-called "l33tism". Abusive or offensive players will be kicked from the server or banned.
  • Play to the objective and remember this is a team game.
  • Don't accuse players of cheating unless you have proof. No one likes a good game to be marred by allegations of cheating. We have some very good players who regularly play on the servers so be aware of who you accuse.
  • If you do suspect someone of cheating use the !admin feature to report it to the admins.
  • People caught cheating will be dealt with harshly: permanent bans are the usual punishment.
  • Please do not advertise or recruit whilst on our servers. We do not do it on yours so please return the courtesy.
  • People using nick names that are deliberately intended to cause offence should expect to be kicked or banned.
  • Displaying the YO clan tag by people who aren't in the clan is not allowed.
  • Racism, sexism and other such "isms" will not be tolerated (with the exception of organisms).
  • Common sense rules apply: don't do anything that you think will annoy/offend an admin or other players on the server.
  • The admin's word is final.

Because NS has its own unique aspects of gameplay, there are a few additional rules specific to it:
  • Do not deliberately exploit game or map flaws, for example by building outside the map or in areas that players would not normally have access to. Exploiting is considered cheating, and will be treated as such.
  • Do not deliberately waste resources.
  • If you are a good player and you know that there are other good players on the server too, please join opposite teams or when requested to do so by an admin to prevent unbalanced games.
  • Marine commanders should not sell the base to end the game (this includes with the intention of ending the game by selling for ex. the Arms Lab, all the infantry portals or some of the infantry portals) unless the aliens are being lame and spawncamping for frags when they control the entire map.
  • Intentionally and repeatedly spawncamping is NOT permitted.
  • Do not vote to eject the commander unless someone else is prepared to do the job.
  • Be tolerant of people who may be new to the game - they can't all be as good as you think you are.
  • Do not drop structures with the intention of blocking aliens as comm.